Group Benefits

It is beneficial to both you and your employees to have group health insurance, here are some key points to consider when choosing your Group Health Insurance Plan:

* You value the people that work for you each day and want to offer them affordable health insurance as a reward. The fact that a company offers health insurance may be a make it or break it factor when a new employee is choosing between possible jobs or a current employee is deciding whether to stay at a job or look for a new one. Minimize your employee turnover rate and keep your employees happy.

* Tax deductions. Did you know that 100% of insurance premiums are a business tax deduction?

* Increased productivity and decrease in absenteeism. Employees that know they will be covered if anything should happen to them are more likely to attend work everyday and work to their potential. This may occur because preventative care measures are being taken by employees who have health insurance, thus avoiding potentially more serious health problems.

* Pre-tax premium contributions. When employees access group health insurance through an employer, their share of the premium is taken out of their paycheck before taxes are taken out.

* HSAs. Health Savings Accounts offer a flexible way for business owners to offer health insurance while keeping their costs at a minimum.

* Evaluate your company and your employees. Decide what your specific needs are and let IRC find a plan that fits those needs.

What matters most to our clients

  • Cost.
  • Ease.
  • Speed.
  • Peace of mind that everything is covered.

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Did You Know?

Roughly 10,000 people qualify for Medicare each day. IRC provides professional assistance with Medicare Supplements!

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